Don’t Take Chances with Cat Allergies
If your not sure whether you could be allergic to a Ragdoll, don’t take a chance and take one home anyway. Too many cats must be rehomed, returned to a breeder, or dropped off at a shelter because it turned out someone was allergic to the cat. We recommend consulting with your Doctor first and, if he or she approves, visit with a Ragdoll breeder and ask if you can spend some time with a Ragdoll to see how it affects you. 
Because Ragdolls don’t have an undercoat, it’s very possible that people with cat allergies will be less allergic to a Ragdoll.  
People who are allergic to cats react to either the cat’s saliva or to its undercoat. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to know which you are allergic to without a visit to a dermatologist or allergist. On the bright side, no dense undercoat means less shedding and no matting so Ragdolls don’t need to be groomed as often as other long-haired cats. 
Grooming Helps 
In fact, regular grooming could help lessen an allergic reaction. No cat, including the Ragdoll, is completely hypoallergenic, but a consistent grooming regimen may help. In the end, living with a Ragdoll depends on how severe your allergies are and whether the discomfort is worth it. Be sure to find out the answers  to both before you bring a Ragdoll into your life.